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I almost went to Paris. Or, as I said to my tour director Antonio, “April 6, 2016. The day I almost went to Paris.” And Antonio replied, as he was about to board the bus that would take the rest of our group to Paris while my group returned to England, “It will live in infamy.”

My recent trip to Europe was supposed to include the city of lights. And more specifically for me, an art teacher, the promised land, also know as Le Louvre. But then came Brussels and a moment of panic among some of our tour group and the trip was rerouted to include Normandy but not Paris. Instead, we would cross the channel (a five hour trip where most of our party got seasick) and tour the Bath region of England before returning to London for another two days. I understand why the decision was made, but I still haven’t quite gotten over not seeing Paris.

I almost went to the Louvre. I almost walked up the steps to the Winged Victory of Samothrace, almost linked eyes with La Jaconde, almost saw Liberty Leading The People. Almost walked where my favorite of all the characters I have written, Alain Darnay spent most of his waking hours. (If you haven’t read my Louvre Trilogy, stop reading this and dash over to Amazon!)

I almost viewed the Eiffel Tower. Almost had the opportunity to see Paris from a bird’s eye view from the structure built by the same man who gave us the Statue of Liberty.

I almost got to see the glories of the Garnier, Notre Dame, the T1RRuilleries Gardens. Almost had the opportunity to stroll along the Siene, to visit Versailles, to pass under the Arch de Triomphe.

I almost got to sample macarons at Lauderee, marvel at Chartres, hope to catch a glimpse of the wonders of the d’Orsay.

Almost got to explore the shelves of Shakespeare and Company,  almost got to see the city illuminated at night….

Two and a half days would not have let me see and take in all the wonders of the city I know far too much about considering that I have never seen it. And I did enjoy my trip and am glad to have seen what I saw. But still, I wish I had not lost the opportunity.

Hopefully one day soon je vais me retrover a Paris.