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I did not get to go to Paris. Okay, I realize I have said this several times. But I will. I have promised myself that I will walk into the Louvre someday. (Hopefully sooner than later.) I did, however, have the opportunity to mark off the second item on my bucket list. (My list is fairly short, but comprised of things I really want to do or accomplish).

What is  the item in second place? It was to see Phantom of the Opera onstage. I have seen the movie more times than I can count. (I teach a unit on it and show it to all mIMG_1641y classes.)My family does not share my obsession with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most famous endeavor (or really any of his musicals or anyone else’s for that matter.) My husband knew that I wanted to see it, but has successfully avoided making the trip to either the Fox Theater in Atlanta, where we live, or to New York. When I told him there was an opportunity to see it when wPS_20160505104139e went to London, he very quickly said “I think you should do that.” Yes, he knew what losing the trip to the Louvre meant to me. Yes he wanted me to have the opportunity. No he never wanted to see it.

I polled my students and a group up of ten was up for it. Our tour guide Emma was a real star. She managed seats on the seventh row orchestra (or stalls as they say in London) and when the chandelier fell it went right over my head.

I saw my favorite musical at Her Majesty’s Theater and I was not disappointed. The performance was brilliant, something I will always remember. The songs were beautifully executed and the costuThink_of_Me_Cover_for_Kindlemes and set were amazing.

By the way, I wrote a YA novel inspired by  Phantom. It’s called Think Of Me. You can check it out at http://www.booksbylynnmurphy or at http://www.amazon.com while I go have a cup of coffee in my Phantom mug- the one with the mask that changes color as it gets hot. (And if Think Of Me isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll find several other books there too.)