Since I spend the majority of my waking hours inside my classroom, I think it should be a place I want to spend time. I have always done the best that I could with the rooms I was assigned to. The ugly rusted lockers in one art classroom were covered with impressionistic inspired paintings. I tried but never quite succeeded in making the room with navy blue walls and cabinets falling off attractive at the last school in which I taught. The school I have been lucky enough to find myself in last year and this year is very different. I basically had a blank slate in which to begin. I was going to Paris, so I chose a Paris theme. It was sort of how I wanted it to be…but this year I pulled it all together. The prominent color is a Tiffany-ish blue, accented with red and other shade of blue.

I have a station for sketchbooks, a new look for my desk (faux marble), a place for paint brushes, erasers, water cups. An unused bulletin board now sports a starry night mural painted last year by some of my students and the quote from Van Gogh “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” My shelves and cabinets resemble a French street, with striped awnings. My artist dolls have a spot to sit and my poules d art have their own coop. (There will be more art chickens coming soon- I will share them and their coop.) I added a Paris print to the windows and covered the table that holds painting supplies with French inspired wall paper.

It is a bright, happy, (and French!) classroom that makes me happy- and seems to inspire creativity, as my students do such an outstanding job no matter what challenge I toss their way.

After you’ve had a chance to oh and ah (and ooh la la) over my classroom, take a few minutes to go over to my website and peruse (and purchase?) my books at http://www.booksbylynnmurphy