It is a reality; no longer just a board on Pinterest. I am seventy something days from my first trip to Europe. I will be marking through a few lines on the bucket list and seeing some places that until now I have only dreamed of. Before you get too jealous, it isn’t a romantic getaway with my husband or a writer’s sabbatical. Instead I will be accompanying fifteen high school students on a twelve day excursion to London, Canterbury, Normandy, St. Malo, Paris and Amsterdam. Still, it’s Europe  and I am rather fond of my traveling companions in any case.

Before I go I will have to finalize entries for two major art contests and about 100 pages for the yearbook and try to organize three or four AP portfolios. I also have the sequel to The Blue Butterfly  to finish and a joint project with my husband in progress. I am currently caught up in making lists of what to pack, helping get the students organized and fund raising.

Did I mention fundraising?

I despise asking people for monetary help. But the real truth is I have some expenses to cover and the kids could use some help. This isn’t just a vacation. It’s an educational trip for which they earn both high school and college credit. The things we will be seeing will tie into what we teach- what I teach especially. And while they are willing to work for it, the cost of the opportunity is a bit of a stretch for most of their families.

If you would like to help here’s a few practical ways:

  1. We have a go fund me account. Here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/gr7kzkes
  2. Buy Books. That provides me with fund to cover my expenses! (www.booksbylynnmurphy.com)
  3. Buy some art. Here’s my online gallery: http://www.artpal.com/lynnmurphy4  (You can get prints, canvases or mugs with my artwork on them.)

I would love to be able to give some travel scholarships to the students, so consider giving. (It’s tax deductible ’cause it’s for education.)

While we are in Europe I will be doing travel updates here. I can’t wait to visit Windsor Castle, cross in the promised land (aka The Louvre) and stand in Anne Frank’s secret annex- along with the other wonderful things we will get to explore.

Back to work…and just a little daydreaming….