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I am in the process of writing the second book in my time travel trilogy, The Red Finch, which picks up where The Blue Butterfly left off. As I paused to write this blot post I left Jack Donovan on board the Queen Anne’s Revenge about to come face to face with Blackbeard. I didn’t really plan to write that chapter the same week as the famous week in the Caymans, but here it is.

As it happens, I know a little about the festival that annually brings in scores of would be pirates, including Johnny Depp in full Jack Sparrow regalia, to the Caribbean. One of my closest friend, Val Kegel, knows everything about it- she is the ‘tourism ambassador’for the Caymans. View her site at http://www.passengerpicks.com. Apparently there are scores of people who want to hoist Jolly Roger flags, dress up in pirate attire, stage sword fights and drink up me hearties yo ho. (I know this because Val has been posting pics on Instagram and Facebook with the tag line AARRR…)

I will insert here that I am descended from piracy, having traced my family tree on my mother’s side back to Sir Francis Drake. I will also admit to enjoying a pirate movie every now and then, most recently of course the Pirates Of The  Caribbean series.

I am, however, doing research to 1rfinchpresent Jack’s time travel experience so that it is historically based and not a copy of Hollywood’s interpretation. Blackbeard ruled the open seas and terrorized the Caribbean and the coast of North Carolina during the 1720’s, with flaming braids of rope woven into his famous beard. I am not sure exactly how Jack’s adventure is going. More than any of my other books this series has been character driven. While I go back to 1725 and check on Jack, and figure out where Mollie is going, you can read The Blue Butterfly  and check out my other books at http://www.booksbylynnmurphy.com.