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I did. I drove through the Starbucks drive thru and purchased a grande non-fat cinnamon dolce with light whip served up in a red cup. So, as you read this, you are judging me. You are either saying I’m anti Christmas and possibly anti Christian or you’re saying good for you because it’s just a damn cup.

About the charge of being anti Christmas. Not true. My husband wishes I was a little more anti Christmas, as in Christmas the hyped up, decorated, lighted up and gift-wrapped version. I carefully plan my wrapping paper theme each year and plastic stick on bows are not allowed. My forty something nutcrackers all find their places on mantles and we hang poinsettia and wired ribbons and greenery on everything that will stand still. Twenty years ago when we were moving from Georgia to Maryland and loading my car on a truck, my husband gave me a choice of the last item to pack with it- my computer or the Christmas tree. I chose the tree. (He managed to get the computer in, which in hindsight was a good thing as I finished my first book on that ancient desktop while we lived there.) All of our stockings coordinate, I love shopping for the right gifts and actually like holiday music. So drinking from the red cup does not mean I am anti- Christmas. As for the Christianity thing, I am a Christian, teach at a Christian school and some of my books fall into the Christian romance category and am loaded down with Starbucks gift cards every Christmas from my equally Christian students.

People are reading way too much into the design of a single business’s holiday cup. Since when is red and green not a holiday theme- specifically a Christmas theme? Does it really matter if someone wishes you ‘happy holidays’ instead of “Merry Christmas?” (After all, how many Christmas songs have the phrase ‘happy holidays’ with in the lyrics?)

Maybe it was simply that they didn’t want to repeat the same design as those of recent holiday seasons. Would a holly leaf or snowflake or gingerbread man make it more pro- Christmas? ( Aside: If I was making a cup of coffee at home I would drink it out of a red cup- not because I’m making any kind of statement but because that’s the color of my every day dishes.)


Maybe people have too much free time and fill it with internet ranting rather than something more productive. I honestly don’t think Starbucks is trying to ban Christmas, or that people should boycott Starbucks over the color of a paper cup that is going to end up in the garbage. Instead of writing those indignant Facebook posts, go find a food bank that needs help during the Christmas season. And if you’re really mad, donate the money you might have spent on the everyday white cup to a charity that helps kids and families in need.

Or take the time to read a good book (or shop for one for somebody else). You can check out mine at http://www.booksbylynnmurphy.com.