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“The rain has stopped and I wake from dreaming of blue butterflies swirling past me. The dream is so real that I think I can feel that now familiar sensation of falling and being pulled  down into a narrowing vortex, that trip across time circles of which which I am never certain how long it will take and where I will end up. At first I think that I am time traveling again….

That is the opening line from the first chapter of The Red Finch, which is the second book in my Time Travel Trilogy. When the main characters’ stash of blue morpho butterflies- the object that has until the book begins made time travel possible, is compromised, they have to find another time travel mechanism. And, at least in the story, it seems that the feathers of red finches have the same capability. (That doesn’t mean that I am giving up the blue butterflies all together. They will still feature in this book and the next.)

As the book begins, three of the time travelers are still lost in the past. I have mapped out where they will visit over the course of this book and have written about fifty pages. My plan is to have it out in time for the Thanksgiving holidays, with a goal to finish the trilogy by early spring.  I still find the concept of time travel interesting and making it seem plausible is a challenge.

I like history, which the students I teach typically claim they do not. One of the things I hope to accomplish with this trilogy is to give the readers a taste of historical facts- just enough about a few events of the past in a way that will encourage them to explore history on their own.  Mollie and Jack will find their way to several more venues as the trilogy progresses, some even more perilous than the ones they have already experienced.

Here’s the cover:


While I follow Jack and Mollie through time, go ahead and check out The Blue Butterfly at http://www.booksbylynnmurphy