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Some of my students were playing a game when they thought I wasn’t listening. It was “Never have I ever….” and you fill in the blank and try to see who in the group has actually done whatever it is. I admit I eves dropped a little, but can’t say I really found out much.

In regards to my writing and this book business there are some things I’ve never done. And maybe some things I have tried that I might not again. One of those latter things is the free book. KDP allows authors to have five free days every so often. I’ve run freebies, which is supposed to skyrocket your book to the top of the unpaid charts. It used to work- I’d run a free day and there would be sales- paid ones- to follow for a few days. The last few times I’ve done that however, I just gave away a lot of books, with no return, not even reviews. I’d have to think long and hard about doing it again. I think one reason that its stopped being effective is that people have gotten used to getting books for free and only download the freebies. There are some people that also suggest giving it away downplays your faith in the book and your writing.

Back to the game.

Never have I ever….

Believed I couldn’t write.

Never have I ever…

Given up thinking I could one day write full time.

Never have I ever…

Written something I would be embarrassed for my kids (or the head of my Christian school) to read.

Never have I ever…

Decided to quit writing due to book sales.

I wrote a post the other day when I was discouraged, but that didn’t mean I was giving up. I believe in my books and myself. Maybe I’m not a marketing guru, maybe I don’t know a whole lot of people who want to read what I write, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a good writer. I have never wanted to be anything else- I could not give up writing if I tried. As Thomas Jefferson quoted, “I cannot live without books.” For me that statement is true, but it also includes MY books. I re-read a few of my own books this week- and if they weren’t mine, I would still think they were pretty  good.

So I’ll keep plugging along, never giving up, always trying to have that elusive bestseller.  Never have I ever believed it wouldn’t happen. Some day.

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