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I am feeling a little frustrated this week. I don’t want to sound whiney and like I’m on a buy my book pleeese trip. But I had put forth a major marketing effort for very little return and I am not sure what to do about it.

ON my 52nd birthday, September 4th, I launched my 19th book. The Blue Butterfly is a YA time travel novel that is the first in a trilogy. The idea behind it is that using the reflective wings of a blue morpho butterfly one might be able to bend light and therefore bend time. The two main characters, Mollie and Jack Donovan, set out to find their parents using this method when their parents have accidentally catapulted themselves back in time, using their mother’s research on the subject. They children travel through several time periods in history as they attempt to find their parents and reunite their family.

This was my marketing plan:

Tweet a lot before the release. (I can be found at @LynnMurphy13)

Create a professional looking book trailer https://animoto.com/play/4ufCJcgUlbfQtjriGSyAQA

Send out a marketing packet to language arts teachers with lesson plans (so far I have reached out to 400 teachers)

Book signings (I had one at my own school’s PTA meeting- not much traffic)

Build my The Blue Butterfly Page on FaceBook

Media press releases (I had a nice article in my local paper http://thecitizen.com/entertainment/novel-explores-time-travel)

I got off to a great start with a few sales on the release day…and now I’ve hit a roadblock. I’m a little discouraged because I had really hoped for more sales. I believe in this book and I want it to be successful. I have worked harder to market this book than any other book that I have written so the lack of measurable results is frustrating. It doesn’t mean I’m not continuing with my plan, it just means…I wish more people were actually reading the book.

Writing has never been my challenge in this business. The story ideas come and once I start writing, I don’t struggle with the proverbial writer’s block. Marketing is always my Achille’s heel.

Thanks for a chance to vent. If you would like to share the book, here’s the link

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014RGVLEQ.  Guess I need to go market some more…..