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It’s finally here- the release of The Blue Butterfly. The first book of the Time Travel Trilogy is officially launched! I will confess to being very excited. I had a very nice article in my local newspaper on Wednesday, which featured a life size color picture of my book’s cover and a detailed description of the novel. I sent lesson plans to all the middle and high school English teachers in my county. My school has jumped on the promotion train and has the article displayed at the front desk and has asked me to do a book signing at the PTA meeting next week.

I painted a picture similar to the one Mollie paints on one of her time travel circles in the novel. Here it is. I had to laugh when one of my students admired it and then asked who painted it. When I said I did, his eyes got wide and he asked “You can paint?” (I’m an art teacher.)1mm

I’ll be celebrating my birthday and Blue Butterfly Day tomorrow and will continue the celebration over Labor Day weekend at Callaway Gardens, where they will fill the Day Butterfly Center with blue morphos- can’t wait to get some more photographs!

Already plotting where Jack and Mollie will go in Book Two- The Red Finch, which I hope to release for the holidays.

Technically the links are live, so you could go ahead and order if you felt so inclined. Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014RGVLEQ

Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1514226545

And of course, feel free to check out my other books at http://www.bookbylynnmurphy.com