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In five days I will turn 52…and as a birthday present to myself I am releasing The Blue Butterfly. I am very excited about this prospect. It has been a journey; research on time travel, researching the places my characters, Mollie and Jack, travel to. I love the cover. Here it is:


And I really like the characters. Jack and Mollie are well spoken, intelligent children from a close knit family that has been separated. I like that it isn’t a Hunger Games wannabe, that it isn’t dystopia or apocolyptic end of the world as we know it YA fiction. I like that my family doesn’t have chronic issues, that the book encourages studying history and learning from it and that it is a good read without sex and horrible language. I don’t think any of the above lacking takes away from the story or makes it any less interesting a read. I think that adults could very easily read the book without feeling they were reading down. I like the ending and knowing that while it sets up The Red Finch, it can stand alone.

As an English teacher, to my target market, I have found it difficult to choose quality fiction for my students to read in class, especially given that I teach in a Christian school. I believe this is a book that teachers in grades 6-12 could use in class and I know the content is appropriate.  I am not naive. I know that kids in my target market use curse words, experiment with things they maybe shouldn’t and have hard home lives. But do they have to read about it too? I hope I’ve done my job well and presented an alternative to what has been available in YA fiction for the last several years.

So…five days til release. You will be able to order the book in Kindle and paperback at http://www.amazon.com on Friday. Until then, check out my other books at http://www.booksbylynnmurphy.com.