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I am currently awaiting proof copies of The Blue Butterfly. Which means I will read the book, make any corrections and soon, approve it for release. I have really enjoyed writing this book, so much that I’m glad its a trilogy because I get to continue writing about the characters.

I’ve read more than I ever thought I would about Einstein and quantum mechanics and just the idea of time travel, but its been fun. I don’t pretend to understand how it works, but my story works and includes some of the more popular ideas about traveling to the 4th dimension.

Here’s a preview:

Now I am trying to develop creative ways to spread the word. I’ve written a writing lesson plan to send to teachers for use in the classroom (of course with a plug for the book) and I’m trying to get a little press. I’m working on possible book signing venues and tweeting it to death. I’m trying to tie into the Blue Morpho Month at a nearby butterfly center.

Thinking positive thoughts…that this Blue Butterfly will be my blue butterfly like the one that changed everything for Matisse.If you feel so inclined, help me spread the word. You can copy and paste the book trailer link and use it in your social media.

I will post the release schedule soon…..