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One of my favorite artists is Matisse. One of the things I enjoy in job that makes the biggest salary- teaching art to middle and high school students- is sharing interesting stories about artists and their work. Matisse is best known for his brightly colored heavily pattered paintings and, later in his life, bold paper cutouts. Noted as the founder of the Fauvist movement, like many famous artists, he often struggled to make a living. A turning point came for the artist when he found a preserved blue butterfly in an antique store. He purchased it and took it home, even though it was expensive and maintained that it changed his luck and the direction of his painting.

The title of my work in progress is The Blue Butterfly. In some ways I can relate to Matisse. I can paint and draw, but my real talent is writing. I have authored 18 novels to date, some of which have done pretty well, but so far I have not had that one book that will allow me the freedom to write full time. I keep trying to find the story line that will make that happen. I think I may have found my blue butterfly. I am currently working on a YA novel that explores time travel. I know it has been done before. Almost everything has. This is an idea that has been forming for quite some time. I have fourteen year Mollie Donavan and her brother Jack as the duel narrators. Their parents, a noted historian and a physicist working on time travel theories, suddenly disappear. The children must go on without them or try to find them, using their mother’s research. Of course they set out to try and find them. In the process they will travel through time to several historical time periods while trying to reconnect with each other and their parents and sometimes implementing small changes in the lives of those they meet. I have been doing research on the current theories of time travel and it is interesting, if not sometimes difficult to understand. I have put together what I think is a reasonable working plan for making that aspect of the novel work.

Mollie is an artistic prodigy who happens to love Matisse, and consequently, blue butterflies. The blue butterfly will play a role in how they travel through time- my challenge being how to make that seem like a plausible vessel, but I think that I have worked that out. Here’s my only published spoiler: Mollie will visit Matisse. Fairly early in the novel.  She’ll gain some insight  from the artist and impact his life as well. Jack will meet someone who also will give him some good advice but may be a little controversial for some people. (I’m not explaining that one, you’ll just have to read the book when its done.)

I’m putting blue butterflies in my home office and in my classrooms at school while I write this book and its two companion books in my Time Travel Trilogy. To remind me that my dream is possible. One day, one book could be a best seller.Maybe this is it.

Until it is done, please feel free to check out my other books at http://www.booksbylynnmurphy.com