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I do not have a mind that thinks and works in the realm of the scientific and mathematical world, and yet I am currently writing a young adult novel that involves the principles of quantum mechanics, the idea of time travel and even a few Darwin-like theories. I only knew to do a google search on quantum mechanics because my husband, a chemical engineer, suggested it. Reading the pages I found on the net made me feel a little like I do when I watch Big Bang Theory- it’s cool but I don’t really understand it all.

I think, I hope, that I’ve got enough of it to write a YA novel, titled The Blue Butterfly, that involves the idea of traveling to the past, which I think is far more interesting than traveling to the future. I am not much interested in new world building, but I like the idea of being able to go back in time and maybe make a few changes in the course of history, or maybe changing at least a few lives for the better. But apparently this could be a little sticky if it was actually even possible. (Remember Superman’s parents warned him against changing time.)

Theorists who study time travel speak of the ‘grandfather paradox’, the idea that a person could travel back in time, murder their grandfather, and thus, change their destiny and never be born. It makes me wonder. What would happen if someone was able to alter major events? Stop 9/11 from happening, stand between Booth and Lincoln, murder Hitler before he came to power, How would the world be different? Most of the scientists who offer theories about this paradox suggest that it would not be a good idea to wipe out established facts and historical figures.

Here’s the back cover copy for The Blue Butterfly:

The only thing that ever remains constant is the blue butterfly. Every time the current reality goes swirling out of sync and I am transported to another time and another place, the butterfly is there. It flutters into my circumstances, a warning that everything is about to change, a reminder that time never stands still….

When their parents, a historian and a physicist experimenting with time travel, vanish, fourteen year old Mollie Donavon and her older brother Jack must accept that their parents are gone or try to find them. Using their parents’ research and the one object that seems to be the key-a blue morpho butterfly- they set off on a journey traveling through decades, sometimes alone, sometimes together, to try and find them. If they change some lives and a little bit of history along the way, so much the better….

And here’s the cover:


We’ll see what happens. If you would like to get updates on the progress of the book, follow this link  http://www.booksbylynnmurphy.com/?fb_ref=Default#!works-in-progress/c17ih