If you search the net for articles about the chances for success of independently published authors (of which I am), you will invariably find  a score of them that proclaim we’re all egotistical with no writing ability and the only people who will buy our books are our families and our facebook friends list. These articles put out a number- they say a self pubbed book will never sell more than about 400 copies….before the author goes on to say why his novel is better.

I’m bringing this up today because I am having a blog tour for my book Dream A Little Dream and I put a post on facebook encouraging my friends to check it out and that anyone who shared the post would be entered in a drawing to win a copy of the book. That was early this morning. I have 300 FB friends and no one shared the post. I have to admit that hurt my feelings and I;m not at all sure if it’s politically correct to even mention it in this blog post, but I guess that’s a chance I’ve decided take. I’m not trying to offend anyone or guilt them out. 

A few facts about my friends list: They are mostly people I went to high school or college with, or people I went to church with or worked with. A few family members and some really close friends too. There’s a group of authors too, but I’m not really directing this at them, ’cause we’re all kind of in the same boat. Trying to make a job out of this writing gig.

I do have a few friends who I know have bought at least one of my books. But I have a lot more friends who…haven’t. So I don’t buy into that theory that the only people who read indie authors are family and friends. 

Maybe my friends don’t read. Maybe they just aren’t interested in what I write. Maybe they think I can’t write or I’m being an egotist. I don’t know. Maybe it just never occurred to them to buy one of my books. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about it and most of the time I don’t…but well, I would like to think all those people were in my corner, cheering me on and telling everybody they know and I don’t about my books. 

Okay, I’ve had my pity party. If you’re reading this and you’re a friend of mine, we’re still friends. If you’re someone I haven’t met yet, or just curious, and you know someone who writes, give them a little support. Buy a book, write a review, mention them to someone else. All of us in the writing community have days like this when we could use a little boost. It’s a tough business and a little lonely sometimes too.

And just in case you’re wondering, I have sold way more than 400 books in the last three years. (And to my knowledge not one of those sales was by someone related to me. (If you are and have, please forgive and let me know.) You can check out books at www,booksbylynnmurphy.com

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