I am about to release my 12th book. I’m excited about that, but a little sad too. This is the last of a semi-series I’ve been writing for several years. I say semi-series, because each book can stand alone but they have cross over characters. I started writing about the O’Briens and the Lansings in college, but I’ve been seriously putting their lives into book format since 2002. I created a big family with children, who grew up and wanted their own stories, so I obliged. I love the way the stories have unfolded, and they never go quite the way I thought they would. There is always an element of the story that I wasn’t expecting, something that just happens as I’m writing. There is always a romantic element in the books in this series, but I don’t just consider them romance novels.  True, the male characters are all charming, educated, and deep, the women beautiful, strong and in love with the male characters. But I don’t write stories that are driven just by the romantic attraction although its there.  I was once told that because these characters were rich they should have to suffer more. I thought, how much more could they suffer? I’ve had lost babies, infertility, chronic illnesses, loss of loved ones, tragic injuries and a number of other things happen to this family despite their upper class status and their Bellevue Avenue addresses. They come though each trial admirably, I have to admit, and with a renewed sense of faith and stronger relationships. I really like them all; if they were real I’d want to know them.

In the newest book, Save The Last Dance For Me, I had planned for one of the characters to fall into a condition similar to locked-in syndrome, but I didn’t know where it would go from there. What I hadn’t planned on was trial with a manslaughter charge and that added, I think, an interesting element to the story. (It certainly added to the suffering of the main characters!) Until the last page I wasn’t one hundred per cent sure how the book was going to end, although I knew what I wanted to happen.

When I started writing Save The Last Dance I was working on something else, and this story  kept crowing in as I was trying to write, so I gave in and started writing. I may have to figure out a way to write one more book about this family, I think I’m really going to miss them.   They’ve been a part of my life for a long time now.

I’ll be working on finishing the book I started during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November, another book inspired by true events during WWII and I have an idea for a book that’s truly different for me: and art inspired thriller. We’ll see how that goes.

Until Save The Last Dance is released, check out the other books in the series at http://www.booksbylynnmurphy.com


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