Several of my books are about two families whose lives have become intertwined into one big happy family. I love writing about the O’Briens and Lansings of Newport, Rhode Island. I’ve been writing about them for a long time now, ever since my senior year in college, nearly thirty years these people have been taking up space in my imagination. The current installment, Dream A Little Dream, is my work in progress and the story really came together during my morning run today. I know where I am going, what’s going to happen. The fun part is yet to come. I haven’t written the story and I find that when I write the characters tend to force their own agenda as the story progresses. I’m about ten thousand words in right now (about 60,000 more to go…)

But this is what happens when you create a large family. It gives you so many side stories. Siblings and offspring deserve to share their livesy with the readers. My mother recently asked me when the next one was coming out. She just finished Just Thinking Of You and wants to read more. “I love this family,” she said. “They are so rich and beautiful, but they have problems just like everyone else.” (And that’s true. Real life always finds a way to keep them from being too perfect.) And I’m already thinking ahead to what happens after Dream A Little Dream. I love this family too.

Many authors blog about the importance of having crossover characters in their books. I think I have achieved a balance with that, in that each book can stand alone, but what happened in the previous one does drive the story to some extent. Minor characters take on larger roles, established characters are part of each subsequent story.

On my website you can read a preview of Dream A Little Dream. Go to and look under news and events. Until the book is finished, check out Look To The Rainbow, Only For You, and Just Thinking Of You.  I hope you’ll start to love this family too…

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