Sure and didn’t I start writing about the family O’Brien long before I married my husband? Okay, enough of the put on Irish accent I’m sure you read that in. I’m not really sure how my character, Kelly O’Brien came by his name. I was writing a short story for my fiction writing class senior year in college, and Kelly, aka as Kel, just came to me, as did his lovely family. He was suddenly there on the page, with his blue, blue eyes and his dark hair and Irish heritage. My husband, with his very Irish name and red hair came into my life a year after. The story became the book Moonlight In His Hand, the only book I’ve yet to translate to kindle format (but it’s coming).  Before it was published,  while it was still in the working stage and being rejected by publishers, I was expecting my oldest son, who even in utero was a night owl and kept me awake at night. I would frequently get up in the middle of the night during those nine months and eight extra days he took to be born and write, but not Moonlight. The book I worked on was my first to be published, I’ll Be seeing You, which chronicles the story of Kel’s parents, James and Fiona O’Brien and their best friends George and Lily Lansing, during WWII.   The most recent additons to the O’Briens stories nagged to be written. The ideas just kept coming to me, because I wasn’t satisfied that they story had ended when Moonlight In His Hand did.

The characters refer to their Irish heritage, yet the books aren’t set in Ireland, but in Newport Rhode Island.  Why Newport? I fell in love with the city when I visited there on a design trip for work to RISD. While touring the mansions on the famous Millionaire’s Row with other designers and salespeople for the carpet company I worked for, I could see my characters living there, even though in the original short story that isn’t where they lived. That’s also when Kel was changed from a doctor to an architect. (If this sounds odd to anyone reading this who isn’t a writer, I have found that my characters have a way of walking around in my head and suggesting how they want my story to go. Yes, you can think I’m slightly crazy. So does my husband, bless his little Irish heart.)

So what has my husband really got to do with any of this? It was my husband, descended from Murphys, Prices, and Moores, Irish names all, who pushed me into the world of indie publishing, and thus made it possible for me to get the rest of the O’Brien books out there. Look To The Rainbow, which tells of Kel’s bid for the Presidency came first, followed by Only For You soon to be followed by my current WIP Just Thinking Of You. I’ve written a couple of others in between, but these are especially close to my heart. I genuinely like these characters and I love telling their stories.

So, even though I’m only Irish by marriage, I am celebrating St. Patrick’s Day along with my Irish characters. If you would like to spend the day with them, check out Look To The Rainbow and Only For You at