I am about to make a statement that will seem like blasphemy to most of the general population: I really do not care at all about the Super Bowl. (Or really even football for that matter.) Still, for as long as I can remember, at least since I have been an adult, Super Bowl Sunday has been a reason to celebrate. We break out the cheese dip and hot wings and chili and invite people over to watch the big game. One year we allowed some of my son’s friends to spend the night and they alll got snowed in at our house.

When you think about it, however, the super bowl and romance novels have a lot in common. Now that statement may be even more shocking than my opening statement. People who read romance novels are looking for an escape, will often read non stop until the end of the novel and develop a following for the author and the characters. If they love the book, they tell everyone. Super Bowl fans are similiar: they are looking for an escape, they watch every minute, even the commercials, they develop a following for the team and if they love the team, they tell everybody. Romance novels are about passion. super bowl fans are passionate about their team. Romance novels have  sexy male characters that women fall in love with, pro football players can become sex symbols. Well, okay. Maybe the similarities are a stretch.

I will admit to seldom watching a whole game and in the last few years the commercials haven’t been all that good and we all know the half time entertainers lip sync their songs. So what do I do? Serve the food, sit down in the same room…and read romance novels. Isn’t that okay? I get into the spirit of the celebration, I make sure everyone gets  fed and then I get abook fix.

Here’s my super bowl challenge: If you really aren’t into it, why not do something you would enjoy more? Make super bowl Sunday a chance to curl up with that book you got for Christmas and never read, finish the last ten chapters of that book you already started, or head over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and add something new to your e reader.

Then look up every now and then and inquire about the score. Most people, the ones totally engrossed in the game, anyway, won’t even notice you aren’t watching. (Or care,  probably.)

You can join ’em and be bored, or you can join ’em and sneak in a little entertainment of your own.

(If you are heading over to Amazon now, go first to http://www.booksbylynnmurphy.com.)