I was standing on the sidewalk in front of my children’s elementary school, waiting for the bell to ring and release the children for the day. The school was close enough for my kids to walk, but I always parked the car across the street and went over to get them. Most of the other mothers did the same, it was a school where there was limited bus service, so all the stay at home or get off work at school closing time moms would do the same.  My friend Amy Pearson had been sitting in her car as I got there and she came over to stand beside me. I noticed she looked a little teary eyed. “Are you okay?” I asked. She gave me a hug. “I’m fine, I was just reading your book in the car and Lily just had her baby.”

Lily is one of the four main characters in my first novel I’ll Be Seeing You. Several people who read it back then were also moved by certain scenes, especially that one where Lily and her husband have a second baby after several miscarriages. I say several,  but I mean five or six. I found the royalty reciept from my then traditional publisher- the only one I ever got for the book- and I sold 28 copies while they had the rights. Since then I have self published it, added over 100 pages to the story and released it in e book format. It gets dreadful reviews- really, really bad ones (But then I am not one of those authors who has a lot of reviews, anyway.). But it sells more books than any other.

I am not sure why. When I  go to check my sales on Kindle, I always find the numbers for the book always greatly exceed any other ofmy  books in the UK. Of the pounds that come in my KDP UK check it carries the most fat. Sometimes it has sold as much as 400 copies in a single month, never less than 40, with the average being about 200. It has often been in the UK’s top ten in historical romance on Kindle. I don’t know anyone in the UK except my Aunt Frances and her son Charlie and his family who live in the UK- and I’m pretty sure they got copies of the initial print run.  I have never actually advertised the book- but it sells.

Do I think it is the best book I’ve ever written? No. Do I think it’s good? Yes. I like the characters, and they have served as the catalyst for several of the rest of my books. Moonlight In HIs Hand, Look To The Rainbow, Only For You and even The Time Of My Life all star the offspring and grandchildren of these original characters that I typed into an old dot matrix computer while I was pregnant with my oldest son and couldn’t sleep. Back then I had no idea how long a manuscript needed to be, had no idea about anything in publishing, really. I just wanted to write this story that wouldn’t go away.

Somehow, some way it has struck a chord with readers, and for that I am grateful. I don’t know if it is the cover (with Big Ben in the background), the fact that it is set in WWII, which is a popular setting with romance readers, or the title that draws people to it, and really I don’t care. I just hope people keep reading it. And that maybe it will lead them to my other books.

IBSY Cover

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